Government Spending

A class assignment inviting students to consider options, "ways and means" with which to reduce government spending and still maintain an effective system. Are there creative options that would create little or no impact on our economy?

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Ideas for reduced spending...

President Bush has proposed plans to reduce high tax rates, plus an overhaul of the federal tax code may be preposed. (M.Reidl, 2003) While these strategies may mean less tax, it also means that Washington must put itself on a budget. Is it possible that bigger government can solve a big fiscal challenge?

So what are the options? Is lowered spending even possible with our monolith government?
How about returning local programs to their respective states?
Here are some thoughts:
Empower the private sector to carry out current government functions - ie: utilities, airports, communications (see British economy).
What about the post office? Privitize it!
How about the Department of Motor Vehicles? Something tells me I wouldn't have to wait in line so long to get my driver's license renewed if the DMW was privately owned and operated.

If the government wants to see citizens take control of their own future, have the ability to invest money that is now taken from paychecks for social security and make retirement investments, doesn't it seem wise to lead by example and find ways to reduce spending, become more frugal, set the example and practice what is preached?